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Day 2: Is our generation more focused on sex rather than relationships? No

February 2, 2016

Day 2: Is our generation more focused on sex rather than relationships? No

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In an era where a swipe to the right can lead to a no-strings-attached hookup, chivalry may seem dead. In fact, chivalry may seem buried so far below ground that its chances of ever seeing daylight again decrease faster than the Kardashian name appears in a headline.

Just because the days of giving your high school sweetheart your varsity letterman jacket or opening the car door for a date are gone, does not mean relationships no longer exist.

A relationship is the connection between two people or how they behave towards each other. While hooking up with someone may not fit the preconceived standard of the word, the standards have changed. An official label does not have to exist in order for something to be deemed a relationship.

In the past decade alone, society has undergone such rapid development. Ten years ago, it was illegal for gay people to openly serve in the US Military. The iPhone did not exist and Michael Jackson was still alive. With all the change that occurred, it would be irrational to think that relationships would stay the same.

This generation has found new ways of displaying romance to mirror the changing times. The trend of displaying affection on social media proves the enduring prevalence of relationships. Pictures of couples holding hands, traveling in exotic locations, and buying each other presents, accompanied with the hashtag #relationshipgoals demonstrate the interest people still have in finding love.

The vocabulary used today also illustrates the difference in relationships. Going steady is equivalent to being Instagram official and terms like bae have replaced the outdated beau. These changes do not mean relationships no longer exist, or that people do not want to find themselves in one. People cannot expect their dating lives to reflect a 1980s rom-com.

Yes, sex is everywhere. It is found in movies, songs, advertising, shows, and print. Because people see and hear about it so much, it is easy to assume that it is the sole thing this generation focuses on. No Nicholas Sparks novel ever started with a Tinder booty-call and the ending to Friends With Benefits can be guessed before the opening credits start. As much as people want to deny relationships or any sense of attachment, they still exist.

Sex and relationships are not mutually exclusive. There is not only one option to choose from. Sex is a major component of most relationships. Even if there is an overemphasis placed on sex, it does not necessarily take the emphasis away from relationships.

Both sex and relationships exist. If one spends all of their time on hookup apps or looking for one night stands, they are not going to find a long-term partner.  There are, however, many people who would prefer to have a significant other. Hookups may seem easier than becoming emotionally invested in someone, but it all depends on what a person prefers. So next time you decide to have a drunken make out session at a party, do not complain about being unable to find someone who would rather get to know your body than personality.

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