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Illustration by Roberta Nicastro

Illustration by Roberta Nicastro

Illustration by Roberta Nicastro

Day 13: Distance doesn’t really make the heart grow fonder

February 13, 2017

Many high schoolers believe their relationship will last through college but due to trust problems and a new places, that is most likely not going to be the case. The reality is that only five percent of high school couples survive college together.

Once one enters college they are surrounded by a completely different environment with new and different people. After being introduced to such a new world, college freshmen want to meet more people. Not to mention those college freshman are now living on their own, which resets their mindset and maturity level that even surpass that of their high school partner.     

In high school it is easier for couples to know what their significant other is doing most of the time, but when someone in the relationship heads off to another city or even state for college, trust becomes a problem. In order to maintain a relationship throughout college there needs to be strong trust on both sides. Without that trust the relationship could fall apart.

College can cause students to miss their home. The homesickness starts to fade away when they go back home for Thanksgiving.  The “turkey drop,” also known as  holiday breakup season, occurs when college freshman go home and decide to break up with their high school sweethearts. Dr. Christopher Thurber, a psychologist at Phillips Exeter Academy, states that being surrounded by the people you love from home can cure homesickness.

In their first few months of the semester, college freshman lock themselves up in their dorms, feeling as though they won’t be able to make any friends. They feel homesick, so when their significant other contacts them they can feel comfortable again.

Though once the homesickness fades  and the student becomes comfortable with college life, they start to drift away from their high school sweethearts. So though in high school the couple may have looked like soulmates, once college hits the two could become strangers. Before you or your significant other heads off to college, be prepared for what’s coming your way.

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