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Day 10: Making homemade Valentine’s Day gifts

February 10, 2017

Snowglobe of Love


-Mason jar



-Glitter/Iridescent sparkles












Step 1: Gather your materials and make sure that the seal of your mason jar is airtight, ensuring none of the solution will spill once we have the finished product.

Step 2: Fill your jar to the very top, leaving a tiny bit of breathing room for the centerpiece which we will add later. It is recommended that the glycerin to water ratio is kept at 1:5, but adding more water will only allow your glitter to move faster, but be cautious to never have less water than glycerin.










Step 3: Hot glue your centerpiece to the inside of the mason jar lid, after measuring the height of your object to make sure it will fit in the jar. Then add your glitter to solution in the jar. The amount that you mix in is really up to you.










Step 4: Seal the jar, placing the centerpiece in the water mixture and close the jar as tight as humanly possible. Last step is to flip the jar over and witness the beauty of your creation.

Sweet and Salty Pretzels


-Half a cup of chocolate morsels

-10 oz of sourdough pretzels

-1 tablespoon of olive oil

-Basket for finishing product

-3 cups of water, to boil

-The sprinkles of your choosing










Step 1: Gather your ingredients and begin boiling the water. Set up a bowl of sprinkles and place the morsels with the olive oil in a separate bowl that we will later place over the boiling water.










Step 2: Once the chocolate has melted, dip half of your pretzel in the bowl and then into the bowl of sprinkles. Repeat this step until all your pretzels have been coated, placing them all on a cookie sheet that will go into the refrigerator.










Step 3: Once the chocolate of your pretzels has hardened, retrieve them from the fridge and place into the decorative basket. Gift this to your significant other or just someone whose good list you long to be on.

50 Reasons Why I Love You


-Deck of cards


-Construction paper




-Hole Puncher










Step 1: Set one card aside to serve as the cover and remove another so you are left with 50 cards on which to write your messages.










Step 2: Begin to paste pieces of construction paper onto one side of the card and punch a hole in a corner, making sure that all the cards match.










Step 3: Lastly, bind all your cards with a metal or ribbon if you want to be more decorative and your gift is ready.

Talk That Chalk


-Wood base

-Chalkboard paint

-Stippling sponge

-Paper Stencil










Step 1: Once you’ve obtained all the materials, prepare your base for the paint by ensuring that the wood is clean and sanded.










Step 2: Lay your stencil onto the wood and use the stippling sponge to get an even coat of paint until you’ve achieved the design you wanted.










Step 3: Allow the paint to dry and wrap the gift, don’t forget to write a sweet message onto the chalkboard.

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