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A legend retires

October 25, 2016

Dolphins running back Arian Foster announced yesterday that he will retire at the age of 30 on the sports program and social media platform “Uninterrupted” from the NFL. This comes as a surprise to many but not very shocking to others due to the dispute of why he retired at a relatively young age.

Foster spent the majority of his years as a Houston Texan and signed with the Dolphins this offseason as a free agent. During the preseason Foster earned the title of starter over former Dolphins backup Jay Ajayi despite his history as prone to getting injured.

Foster repeatedly injured his groin which kept him out of play for several weeks and caused him to take limited snaps, also tearing his ACL multiple times.This allowed for backup Jay Ajayi to come in and showcase his skills, demonstrating his talents with two consecutive games and over 200 yards. Ajayi became the fourth player to achieve the prestigious honor along with Dolphin legend Ricky Williams.

Due to these events, people have begun to question Foster’s true intent for retiring. He claims that the game took a toll on his body. Others believe that he just felt frustrated with his playing time and not getting enough attention.

Foster left a successful history behind him despite these remarks. The player obtained high recognition for his ability to catch passes in the backfield as a double threat besides passing and carrying the ball. Foster made six appearances in the Pro Bowl and scored 68 touchdowns in the 68 games he played for the Texans.

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