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Are we too old to Trick-or-Treat?

October 31, 2016

We once competed with our friends to see who collected the most tasty candy on this night. Halloween has changed to a time of partying or studying at home, rather than carrying a sack while we walked around the block, praying some street lights would illuminate our way to the next house on the street. A holiday that we once considered so sacred as kids now feels unwelcoming as a teen. As a student in high school, a question that continually arises but remains unanswered; “are we too old to trick-or-treat?”

Some students argue that only children trick-or-treat and that high school students should sit out the festivities because of an unwritten rule specifying the appropriate age window to solicit neighbors for candy.

“We are too old to trick-or-treat and that it is an activity meant for kids who aren’t in high school,” junior Patrick Mormile said. “We trick-or-treated as little kids and now it just seems like it’s a childish activity to dress up in a costume and ask for candy.”

In addition, students say that school work and studying has taken over any time they had to participate in Halloween as a whole anymore and that the intentions for trick-or-treating has changed.

“As a kid it’s more about enjoying the holiday and actually having fun with your friends, while as a teenager, you can look at it as a time where you get all of this free candy and a break from school,” sophomore Andrew Salky said.

Although some argue that trick-or-treating does not have an age to limit to prevent teenagers from partaking in this activity.

“We are definitely not too old to trick-or-treat because how can you put an age limit on dressing up as your favorite character and getting candy,” senior Paulina Suarez said. “We should all be able to go out and have a good time with our friends and not be restricted by our age when we are still so young.”

Halloween, a night that many hold close to heart, is one of the times where it symbolizes the transition from being a child to a teenager. Although more teens decide not to trick-or-treat as the years slip past, to junior Lily Weinbach, Halloween is a time where she can take a break from school and appreciate being a kid again.

“We aren’t too old to trick-our-treat because as high school students we need as much energy as we can to keep up with our schedules and extracurriculars,” Weinbach said. “And what better way is there to take a break from school and regain energy by celebrating Halloween with my friends and trick-or-treating.”

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