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7 Reasons Why Every Palmetto Student Should Attend Poetry Night

January 27, 2016

1. Seeing your peers out of their elements

Poetry night offers a chance for every student from every corner of the school to get onstage and showcase their artistic abilities. Watching that one really quiet kid from your third period pour his heart out over a piece of original poetry is equally as endearing as it is surprising.

2. The music

Although the title only features the main event of the evening, students also take Poetry Night as an opportunity to exhibit their musical talents. Ranging from covers of popular music, to instrumental solos, duets and even original numbers, music is certainly an added bonus to attending Poetry Night.

3. The night isn’t all about love and loss

Poetry is typically branded with the stereotype of terribly heartbreaking pieces or dreadfully generic poems recounting an experience with love. At Open Mic Poetry Night, students read pieces about their experience as a Publix cashier, reflective time spent on the toilet or even impromptu pieces sprung by the inspiration of earlier performances. While the occasional tear jerker always makes its way into the roster, attendees are guaranteed a laugh at every Poetry Night.

4. Becoming inspired

Even for those who feel lost by poetry in general, Poetry Night makes the seemingly impossible, possible. Hearing your peers string together an arrangement of words into a work of art turns poetry into a medium for anybody (yes, even you who thinks you hate poetry) who feels compelled to express themselves through the written word.

5. It’s open to anybody and everybody

Hence the title: Open Mic Poetry Night. The monthly event brings students and staff together from all walks of life under a shared interest; a happening that is typically pretty difficult to achieve. Poetry Night is a friendly reminder that we can all use our words to express our feelings.

6. A Beautiful location

Since the expansion of the event, Poetry Night has moved from the Pinecrest Branch Library across the parking lot to the Banyan Bowl at Pinecrest Gardens. Amidst the greenery and vegetation, a beautiful glass-encased amphitheatre seats 500+ and recently added a state of the art acoustics system.

7. Extra credit

Finally, while the motivation of extra credit may not be the most pure, the added attraction of grade grubbing draws students who would not otherwise come listen to poetry. Even if it takes a tangible reward, students are exposed to the beauty of the written and spoken word. You may even surprise yourself and become totally inspired to go home and write something beautiful (see #4).

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