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14 Days of Love Day 9: How to Survive a Bad Date

February 9, 2019


Bad dates can deter people from ever wanting to attempt another potentially disastrous romantic venture again. But one disappointing date should not ruin one’s entire outlook on love. One might have to suffer through a few bad dates in order to find a good match, but there are a few simple ways to lessen the painfulness of a discouraging date.



Make sure that before meeting a person for a date that you can picture yourself having a good time and feeling comfortable while out and alone with them. Of course, pre-date jitters happen to everyone at first, however, feeling extremely uneasy and nervous before a date should not be the case. Reflect on whether or not the person meets individual standards before deciding to meet them. Pick an activity that both parties equally enjoy, one that is  however relaxing or active as each person wants.



Maybe the person does not  match their Instagram pictures, however that does not necessarily have to ruin the night. Maybe the person showed up in sweatpants and decided on McDonalds for the restaurant choice, try not to judge by superficial factors. Maybe they are  saving up to buy a house, or just very comfortable in sweatpants. Either way, it is impossible to know until getting to know him or her more.



Although maybe fleeing the scene immediately is not  exactly a person’s style, and in this case, having a few interesting questions prepared can really spice up a total snore-fest. Asking the person questions about themselves would no doubt start an interesting and in-depth conversation and could not only decrease the amount of stifling awkward silences, it might save a near-dead date. Another way to spruce up a dying date is to keep a good sense of humor and stay focused on the positive instead of the negative.



There is  lot of reasons a date could go wrong, and sometimes it is  nobody’s fault. Sometimes, the electricity just does not spark between two people. If the person ends being pushy, rude and if there is  absolutely no hope, do not fear just getting up and leaving.

And it is not fair that a person clearly not having a good time should have to suffer through a bad date. There is  no shame in leaving a restaurant early, or politely coming up with an excuse to slip out of a movie theater. When one person sees no future in a relationship, it is not worth it to put forth effort into faking nonexistent feelings of affection.

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