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14 Days of Love Day 6: Is it Worth Continuing a Relationship After High School? (FACEOFF)

February 6, 2019


Yes: (J.W)

Entering high school is similar to starting a new book: the possibilities are endless. Whatever plans made at the start, morph into new, unexpected things that many never see coming, and it’s only natural. People completely change in course of four years and make decisions they probably would’ve never condoned in freshman year.

From a young age, parents instill in their children never to make big decisions based on emotion. Everyone’s heard the talk, either from parents or friends, the consensus is “Don’t follow your significant other to college! It doesn’t work!” For the most part, people agree with this, but things happen and sometimes people find a partner and when that happens making selfish decisions becomes difficult.

No one ever says to ditch your friends when you go to college so why ditch your boyfriend? If the relationship is healthy and there is trust and communication then if a couple wants to continue dating after high school why not? Some relationships can survive just about anything, which doesn’t exclude whatever life after high school may have in stored.

The most important factors in a relationship are trust and honesty. If the relationship is suffering because things such as partying or attending college functions without the other person causes jealousy then the relationship needs an evaluation.

It’s important to remember college isn’t for everyone. Some high school students start work right after graduation, some join the military and others travel the world. No two couples are the same. There are obstacles in any relationship. Young couples’ problems within relationships is are some of the least concerning in a person’s lifetime. There will be much greater issues later in life. The most shocking part about a post-high school relationship is how mature a couple must be to come to a decision to try to make it work. Doing so is an act that shows immense maturity not childishness.


No: (C.G)

The myth of high school sweethearts was mainly created by movies and books to help cultivate romance in media. The question is: should the high school relationship last?

Less than 2 percent of marriages belong to high school sweethearts, according to Brandon Gaille. Showing the highly unlikely event of high school couples actually lasting. Although the likelihood for high school sweethearts to marry is slim, if they do marry their chances of surviving the marriage becomes even slimmer. Fifty-four percent of couples who marry as high school sweethearts get divorced,  according to Mens Divorce. Brandon Gaille also mentions the lack of exploration being a main quality for these ended relationships. Staying in a high school relationship after high school ends restricts people from growing. The past holds both parties back from exploring their young adulthood.

Significant others should start to think about what they want out of college or the next step of life and whether their current partner will hold them back from their ultimate goals, or if they are holding their partners back from their full potential. Couples give up their goals before even making a step towards them, an event that happens more often than not. Only 1 out of 5 people who stay in high school relationships end up making it to college, according to Brandon Gaille.

Although the chance always stands to make high school relationships last and true love may fight its battles, couples need to make sure they know what they want. Understanding one’s likes and dislikes at the age of 17-18 is different than understanding their ideals at the age of 20-25, explained by a dating coach, Tracey Steinberg, on NBC news.

Couples should not wish to hold either party back from meeting their full potential. High school is an ending chapter, and leaving things on a good note is always better than pushing it further than it needs to be and ruining chances of ever seeing each other affectionately in the future.

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