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14 Days of Love Day 5: 7 Reasons to Love Palmetto

February 5, 2019

The Flexibility:

At Palmetto, while there may be requirements regarding core classes that all students must take, there remains lots of flexibility in students’ schedules. Every student gets two electives when they come in as freshman and as students advance, the choices only grow. From Journalism to Film Studies and AP Art History to the new class History of Rock, Palmetto really does have it all. Students will have no issues finding their niche in a multifaceted school like Palmetto.


The Athletics:

Even though not all Panthers can find the time to go out and enjoy a football or basketball game, the option is definitely availible. In recent years, Palmetto has had several teams compete at the state level and even win state championships. The varsity basketball team is currently playing in the GMAC’s and the football team made a strong playoff run. Furthermore, Palmetto has almost every sport that any student would want to play, on the junior varsity and varsity level. Any student can try out and has the opportunity to play any sport in three different seasons.


The Clubs:

With over 70 clubs and honor societies, any student with any interest will find a way to get involved. Whether it is Social Science Honor Society or African Heritage Club, all interests are taken into account at Palmetto. In the off chance that there is an interest that is not addressed by any clubs, students are encouraged to start their own club.


The Academic Variety:

Palmetto makes a tremendous effort to suit the academic needs of all students by offering a large amount of Advanced Placement courses to go along with an abundance of honors classes. With AP classes in every core subject, students have the ability to delve into all subjects and gain more knowledge in the subject areas of their choice. However, if a student chooses against taking AP’s, there are plenty of honors classes that cover a wide spectrum of different subject areas.


The Help:

When a student may be struggling in any given class, Honor Societies provide free tutoring in all subject areas. The administration and the Honor Societies understand that private tutors become an expense that not every family can take on. Therefore, all students have the chance to attend free tutoring after school tutoring and Tutoring for Tomorrow, a PTSA sponsored tutoring company,  provides inexpensive one on one tutoring for any student that may need it.


The Reputation:

Graduating from Palmetto means something different compared to other high schools in the district. Palmetto students have gone on to become CEOs, politicians, actors and executives. Palmetto has gotten its students into the best colleges in the country and will continue to do so as one of the top comprehensive high schools in the state. Palmetto students can be certain that their high school has a strong reputation amongst top universities.


The Food:

Palmetto truly would not be the same without the restaurants around school that make the campus so unique. Most Palmetto students would be lying if they said that in the four years they have been a Panther, they have not gone to Chicken Kitchen, Chipotle or Smoothie King at some point after school. These great after school snacks have become a staple of the culture at Palmetto.


Palmetto is a place where students can come to get an amazing education while having a great time in the process. The Panther Pride will always live on.

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