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When Do Sequels Become Excessive?

December 5, 2018

Fans are often delighted by the joy that sequels promise. They provide a way for viewers to catch up on their favorite characters, meet new ones, follow up on plot lines and reminisce about their favorite movies. Unfortunately, movie franchises produce too many sequels for popular movies. It seems that if a movie does well in the box office, producers immediately look to manufacture an underwhelming and dissatisfying sequel to grab more money from passionate fans.

Movie sequels are supposed to add to the plot line, and ultimately tie up any loose ends that the previous movie ended with. Recently, however, it feels as if sequels just stretch out a never-ending plotline that worsens as more movies are added to the franchise. Producers do this to make money, leaving fans grumbling about the worsening quality of the movies and even diluting the success of earlier movies.

Unsuccessful sequels not only plague box offices everywhere, but television shows as well. Producers who hope to capitalize on a popular show’s success produce countless seasons, leaving many feeling that the plotline worsens as the show continues. Instead of producing a smaller amount of quality content, producers churn out season after season, resulting in a disgruntled fanbase. The show, once considered brilliant, becomes an annoyance for dedicated fans who would rather the plotline end on a high note than continue to worsen.
When a definitive ending to a show or movie presents itself, writers and producers should leave well enough alone and let the plot end the way it should. Dragging out the story often leaves fans dissatisfied and brings a negative connotation to an otherwise enticing plotline. It is extremely important to produce sequels only when necessary, without any ulterior motives in making it.

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