Virgil Abloh, Visionary and Designer, Has Died at Age 41

Michael Angee, Sports Editor

Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director and founder of Off-White, the streetwear brand, has passed away from cancer at age 41. 

Abloh died from a rare and aggressive form of cancer known as cardiac angiosarcoma.  The designer decided to battle the disease in silence, so the public did not know of his diagnosis until the announcement of his passing on the morning of Nov. 28. Despite undergoing numerous cancer treatments, Abloh created some of the largest and most relevant trends in fashion today. 

Abloh maintained a grasp on the world of fashion and design through his endeavors with Off-White in beginning in 2012 and Louis Vuitton beginning in 2018.

The Illinois native became an icon within the world of hip-hop as well. Many artists have collaborated and maintained bonds with Abloh over the course of his expansive career, including Lil Uzi Vert, Westside Gunn, Future and most notably, Kanye West. Working alongside these artists, Abloh contributed to bridging the gap between fashion and hip-hop. 

Abloh and West both started as dreamers from Chicago and found their creative outlets as time went on. Abloh and West interned for Fenty together, and later, Abloh earned the job as the artistic director at Louis Vuitton. Abloh drew inspiration from the culture of Chicago and developed an interest in design and music at an early age. His art connects music, fashion and architecture, and he has left a mark in the closets and hearts of thousands. 

Despite all of his accomplishments and businesses, Abloh’s mission was to create a space for other creatives to shine, too. By remaining transparent about his creative process and mentality towards art, Abloh left an impact on aspiring artists all across the globe. 

Abloh also saw DJing and music as the most accessible medium of art and maintained the use of the two through his artistic life. The designer and DJ left an indisputable mark in the world of high fashion, streetwear. He intertwined his work into the world of hip-hop all through staying genuine to his message of helping the creatives of the world and by doing this, changed the perception of contemporary art in the 2010s.