The Importance of Voting

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

In 2020, all eligible Americans can vote for the next president of the U.S. Many may decide to vote on Nov. 3, and those who do not plan on it should reconsider. It is important to let your voice be heard, and voting does just that because it lets people choose who they want to represent the U.S. Everyone who can should vote this year.

Each vote makes a difference, and in the end, helps choose a president to lead the country. In past elections, it has been shown that a candidate can win the election by only a few votes. National Geographic published an article stating how close elections have been in the past and that a couple of votes could make a big difference. 

President George W. Bush won against Al Gore in 2000. Bush won only 537 more votes than Gore did in the recount in Florida, which gave him the presidency. Each vote does make a difference, even if people think their individual votes do not matter. Americans are going to be choosing who they believe is the best candidate to run the U.S. and should think about taking part in it.

Those who can also make a difference are those who are not old enough to vote. People who are under age still have a voice. Earlier this year Tisch College published an article called “Growing Voters: 18 Ways Youth Under 18 Can Contribute to Elections” which was informing underage people who can’t vote the information they need to contribute. 

A great way to get involved includes making banners and posters with information on how and where to vote. It helps others know what to do when voting season comes around. Another simple thing to do to be involved is by keeping yourself well familiarized with the election and candidates. Watching debates and reading newspaper articles are good ways of keeping yourself updated and informed. These alternatives help candidates win votes for the election. Staying involved and informed are great ways to start.

Americans should use their voice and vote.The next four years will depend on the choices made by all of the voters. So, staying well informed and voting for whichever candidate they believe will be the better president is important. They choose the future they want and should take advantage of every opportunity to do so. The ultimate decision of the U.S. is in their hands.