Students demand a “Manland”

Allie Hallebo, Copy Editor

For anyone that has ever wandered through the aisles of Ikea and wished they had the chance to get rid of their whining male companion, fret no more! An Ikea store in Australia has created “Manland,” a sequel off of their Smaland childcare center, in which parents can deposit their children while shopping, where women can send their male partners while they simultaneously collect all of their goods.

Many students think that “Manland” should be available to other Ikea stores besides those in Australia.

“I think every Ikea store should have one of these ‘daycare’ centers; it definitely creates a sense of harmony,” senior Katrina Carrillo said. “But instead of it being like the childcare system, it should be much more personalized.”

However, much controversy has arisen due to the fact that customers assume the playground is only available to men.

“That’s not fair! I, for one, would love to sit aside while my friends and family shop around Ikea and just eat and play games,” senior Natalie Freedman said. “Maybe instead of just games, they could provide Swedish movies or maybe even some Swedish language lessons!”

What managers are considering making available to those that enter the “Manland” consist of – foosball tables, free hot dogs, flat screen TVs playing nonstop sports, and video games.

“Honestly, men should just bite the bullet and get the shopping done with their female companions,” senior Lauren Hellinger said. “It’s much faster if everyone participates; it isn’t right to dump all of the work on the woman just because she’s more patient.”

Whether or not “Manland” travels across seas to America, the thought of a “Personland” is very tempting to lazy shoppers.

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