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Meet the Candidates

March 3, 2016

Each year, Palmetto students elect their classmates to the Student Council. All classes (except for seniors) vote for candidates who will represent their grade level, in addition to candidates who will represent the school as a whole. Election day is Friday, March 4th. The day before casting their votes, students were able to meet the candidates in Panther Square during lunch. Here, you may also meet the candidates and learn about why they are running for their positions:

Student Council:


“I have been the president of my class for three years, and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I’ve met amazing people, learned about interacting and making a difference, and developed an understand about what it means to truly take pride in something. My next step is to become president of student council, which would mean the world to me, as I will be able to make school-wide decisions and connections to accomplish my goal of not only maintaining Palmetto’s tradition of excellence, but setting a new standard of achievement and unity.”-Jonathan Roth (Left)

“I’ve served as President of Impawv since the beginning of this year and I serve as the Chairman of the Palmetto Bay YCIB currently. If elected Student Council President, I would provide accurate representation to the entire student body, allowing as many voices to be heard next year.”– Charles Noguera (Right)


Vice President: Ethan Paikowsky

“I decided to run for Student Council Vice President because I’ve witnessed the lack of stability in our clubs and organizations, even though it’s improved lately, and would like to improve it even more.”– Ethan Paikowsky


Secretary: Brooke Ortiz

“As Student Council Secretary, I am familiar with the position and love all that it entails! I love being involved in Palmetto and am running so I can continue working to plan events and activities throughout the school and make Palmetto as great as it can be.” -Brooke Ortiz

Senior Class:


President: Natalia Hazday

“Running unopposed has help me not be stressed out about elections, so I can streamline my focus until what I want to do next year and start planning next year. I hope to bring up school spirit have one hundred percent attendance at all Senior events and have more fun again because you’re only in high school once.” -Natalia Hazday


Vice President: Brian Morrison

“I chose to run for Senior Class Vice President because I want to make an impact and actively participate in making our senior year the best it can be.” -Brian Morrison



“I want to help unite the senior class by increasing attendance and organization for senior events. I’ll do this by creating a monthly newsletter outlining every day something is due so every senior can stay in the loop.” -Brooke Sterling (left)

“I’ve helped run The Panther’s twitter, so I’m experienced with social media and part of the job is developing senior class social media. I’m very organized and I want to make senior year great.” -Alec Lanzas

Junior Class:



“I’m ready to be president again because I sincerely care about my class, making everything better.” -Noah Chevalier (left)

“Junior class president is a position that requires, dedication, hard work, and perseverance. I hope to promote the ideas of my classmates to the administration. With the help of the faculty and student body, my positive vision of the next years at Palmetto will be attained.” -Audrey Paz (center)

“I’m running for president because I want to make a change in this school and have an influence on our junior year, because it’s the most important.” -Jacob Spigelman (right)


Vice President:

“I’d like to secure my spot in my third term.” -Josh Ehrenkrantz (left)

“As Junior Class Vice President I would make sure that we had a successful Junior Ring Ceremony, year in magazine sales and Homecoming.”– Elizabeth (Flynn) Seckinger (center)

“I’m going to create more class events for fundraising so there is more funding for the senior class, and find a way to involve students in voting for what happens in the class.” -Matthew Buttafuoco (right)



“I just really want to help my class achieve something great next year. My experience in the senate has shown me how I can help organize events through United way and baskets. I’d be able to help in our class, so we can have a good senior year.” -Anastasiya Dudaryak (right)

“As Secretary I’ve acquired leadership, cooperation, and communication skills that will allow me to better the school in the following years. I hope to shape Palmetto into the desires of the rest of the student body as I uphold and carry out my duties as secretary as best as possible.”-Bari Gold

Sophomore Class:



“I want to get involved and make sophomore year fun for everyone.” -Sarah Mora (left)

“I would like to see the school get cleaner, and have an open mind to ideas and make sophomore year better.” -Joe Largo (center)

“I’m running for president because I want to represent our great school. I served as freshman class president and I organized a movie night this year. I want to do even more for our school next year.” -Jonathan Chen (right)


Vice President:

“I want to represent the school well and bring school spirit.” -Hali Eisenberg (left)

“I’m running because I want to make a coherent sophomore board to make it a great school year.” -Ross Ladis (center)

“I want to increase sophomore representation at sporting events, and I want to be the one planning the event rather than just going to them.” -Milena van der Reis (right)



“I want to make all of the events we have less stressful and more carefree, I want to get the student body more involved in what we do.”-Camila Meyers (left)

“I want to run because I think it would be fun, and you have more control of what happens with your class. You have more power to make a difference, rather than just being on board.” -Mia Zaldivar (center)

“I feel like I’m qualified to be the sophomore secretary, and I’d like to challenge myself to have this responsibility. I want to reach my full potential and help the school who has helped me so much already. I want to make student council more appealing to other students, and create more events that people will participate in.” -Maya Damski (right)





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