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Issue 6 Staff Editorial

March 22, 2017

We would all like to believe we are unbiased, always choosing the most qualified candidate without letting our personal prejudices cloud our judgement, but this is not always the case. But when it comes down to it, we often hold partiality to a friend or to the name we know well.

This is not necessarily a negative thing, but sometimes it creates the connotation that competitions–such as student council officer elections–are inevitably nothing more than popularity contests, and sometimes it can prevent highly qualified, yet unrecognized individuals, from winning well deserved positions. Politicians know well that the key to winning any election comes from who you know; high school elections are no different. Thus certain candidates get re-elected year after year. ┬áThe lack of debates, speeches or other ways for lesser known candidates to demonstrate their capabilities, give some an advantage over others based solely on their recognition.

This year the junior class struggled to make ends meet, and the sophomore class, fancifully cushioned, participated in the traditional gym-field-day while proudly repping their yellow color. Scenarios like this raise the concern over the popularity-driven elections that shape the agenda of our student body among disappointed students.

So why not, yes, vote this next election based off of those we know and trust, but also consider the unconsidered? We will still hold bias, but perhaps with a more qualified candidate. Including ways for all candidates to promote themselves will ensure everyone has a chance to win, student body included.

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