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Four conspiracy theories that will make you freak out

September 22, 2016

Conspiracy theories describe events that the government cannot explain to us. These theories often come from the media to expose secret plots to the public.

Brace Position

On airplanes passengers are usually advised to adopt the brace position in the event of a plane crash. This brace position is supposed to decrease the chance of death, but according to The Telegraph, this theory states that it actually would do the opposite. The logic behind this is that medical costs for a seriously injured passenger are more expensive than a payment to the family members of a deceased one. Instead of helping your neck this position could break it, ensuring a quick and less painful death.


Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is one of the more popular conspiracy theories, dropping jaws and blowing minds. This conspiracy theory describes how somehow people are remembering facts differently. For example, remember the famous line in Snow White, “Mirror Mirror on the wall”? Turns out this line is actually, “Magic Mirror on the wall”. If you were to watch the movie again you would realize that you have been wrong about the famous saying this entire time, and so has everyone else.

This effect started off with Nelson Mandela, a man who the public believed to be dead. Everyone seems to remember Mandela dying in prison, but in reality he died three years ago.

Another popular example of this effect is “The Berenstain Bears”. The spelling of this children’s book series used to be BerenstEin instead of BerenstAin. Many people have memories of the title being spelled with an E not an A.

The Mandela Effect led to a theory about a parallel universe. Believers of the Mandela Effect believe that we are in a different universe than before. In the past universe the famous Snow White line may have been “Mirror Mirror on the wall”, but in this universe it is “Magic Mirror on the wall”.


Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Twin

There is this conspiracy theory going around confusing the minds of many fans of Lindsay Lohan’s movie “The Parent Trap.” The theory states that in this movie Lindsay Lohan actually had a twin named Kelsey Lohan but halfway through the movie she died.

The theory is not that legitimate but it also does state that her twin dying may have caused her to become depressed and start using drugs.



During 2004, Donald Rumsfeld sparked a 9/11 theory when he stated that terrorists shot the plane down in his speech. This created a theory that the government was involved in 9/11.

The theory states that the plane did not actually crash into the Pentagon and that it was actually shot down instead. The theory centers on the idea that Bush wanted more support from the people.

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