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Political Unrest in Hong Kong

Elias Arbe, Staff Writer

September 21, 2019

Hong Kong currently faces mass political unrest for the past few months as protests and demonstrations continue throughout the region. Opposition to a law that could allow extradition to mainland China has developed into a discussion about unfair police treatment and a demand for greater democracy. ...

The Epstein Case Thickens

Jacob Grindstaff, Multimedia Editor

September 16, 2019

Since his arrest on Jul. 19, Jeffery Epstein’s case has shocked and captivated the nation. Epstein faced charges related to sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking.  He previously served 13 months in prison following two prostitution-related charges in 2008 (Halleman, 2019). Ac...

Johnson and Johnson Ordered to Pay 572 Million Dollars in Opioid Crisis Trial

Olivia Solomon, Advertisement Chair

September 8, 2019

On Aug. 26, an Oklahoma judge charged pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson as guilty for instigating the state's opioid crisis through the marketing of painkillers.This landmark ruling held a pharmaceutical company responsible for one of the most deadly epidemics that claims an average of over 13...

The Amazon is Burning

The Amazon is Burning

Gianna Hutton, Design Editor

September 5, 2019

Burning for more than three weeks, the Amazon Rainforest needs saving, or one of our major oxygen sources will cease to exist. Four times the size of Alaska, the Amazon plays a key role in resisting climate change and serves as a vital carbon sink, according to the Washington Post. On Tuesday, Brazilian...

Construction Causes Palmetto Traffic Jams

Construction Causes Palmetto Traffic Jams

Nicole Markus, Print Editor-In-Chief

August 27, 2019

In the five minute recess between classes, Palmetto students must traverse blocked central hallways they previously used to make it to their seats before the bell rings. A direct result of the construction taking place at Palmetto, the blocked hallways pose an added challenge for students who already s...

Billionaire Donates To Climate Change

Allessandra Inzanna, Copy Editor

May 28, 2019

Plants and animal species are going extinct 1,000 times faster than prior to human activity, according to a Brown University study. One of the ways to combat this, according to some scientists, protecting at least 50 percent of Earth in its natural state. Currently, only 15 percent of the Earth’s land an...

Paris is Burning

Annette Gonzalez, Multimedia Editor

April 16, 2019

Six days before Easter Sunday, in the thick of rush hour, flames crept over the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. In just hours, 856 years of history succumbed to ash. Thousands of spectators gathered around the cathedral and watched in horror as the roof collapsed and the historic spire crumble...

The History of R Kelly’s Legal Troubles

Jack Meyer, Sports Editor

April 9, 2019

On Nov. 9, 1993,  Robert Kelly, better known as R Kelly, released his debut solo album 12 Play. Some of the singles released with the album include “Sex Me,” “Bump N’ Grind” and “Your Body’s Callin’.” Almost 26 years later, Kelly faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Although...

Karl Lagerfeld: A Fashion Icon (1933-2019)

Joanna Salvat, Life Editor

February 28, 2019

Karl Lagerfeld, German fashion designer and creative director behind high-end brands such as Chanel and Fendi, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 19 in Paris at the age of 85. Lagerfeld left behind a legacy of iconic fashion lines with his designs, and impacted the industry as a creative genius. Best known for...

What is The Green New Deal?

What is The Green New Deal?

Gemma Torras, News Editor/ Designer

February 27, 2019

Climate change: an epidemic that has been hanging over the human race for years. However, it has recently  become a more controversial issue as many politicians have publicly denied the severity of climate change;President of the United States Donald Trump said he “doesn't believe it,” according to CNN. New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, on the other hand, has fought f...

This Week in Politics: Week 1

Nicole Markus, Copy Editor

February 24, 2019

H.R.8 Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019: Background checks are mandatory for anyone purchasing a gun from a federally licensed seller, according to the Brady Campaign. However, a person selling their gun without a federal license is not required to perform a background check. Of all the guns sold in ...

The Grammy’s Recap

The Grammy's Recap

Alexandra Pedroso, Senior Design Editor

February 16, 2019

Each year, musical artists attend the most prestigious award ceremony in the recording industry, the Grammys. Despite who won what award, the show itself holds a certain importance in the music industry. This year highlighted women in the music industry, with Alicia Keys as the host, Michelle Obama mak...

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