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Clouds of fun at the Palmetto Bay Color Run

Clouds of fun at the Palmetto Bay Color Run

Emma Seckinger, Print Managing Editor

November 15, 2015

On Saturday, November 7th, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) hosted the first annual Palmetto Bay Twilight Color Run and Concert. The event kicked off at 3 P.M. as hundreds of students, parents and teachers gathered at the Palmetto Bay Municipal Center. Music and clouds of color greet...

Super Girl Power

Emily Diez, Report Editor

November 3, 2015

CBS’s new show, “Supergirl”, features a crime-fighting superhero cousin of Superman. Supergirl, also known by her alter ego Kara Zor-El, shares a similar story to Superman in that she formerly lived on the planet Krypton, but moved to Earth with her powers for protection. The show breaks gender ba...

All genders welcome

Sophie Carrillo, Senior Design Editor

November 1, 2015

Gender inclusive housing allows students regardless of their gender, gender identity or gender preference to live together in residence halls. This recent development in the University of Northern Florida’s (UNF) housing policy claims to offer various gender-inclusive residency options to ensure that on ...

No treat, just tricks

Susan Aghedo, Staff Writer

October 31, 2015

Halloween costumes come in all shapes and sizes: cute, scary, funny, provocative and in the eyes of some, downright offensive. It seems that every year a new Halloween costume that angers a certain group of people rolls out. Last year, the presence of people dressed as members of ISIS, Ray Rice and h...

D.I.Y…or S.O.S.?

Isabelle Carbajales, Editor-In-Chief

October 31, 2015

BuzzFeed, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr – all of these social media outlets provide seemingly "simple" yet creative ideas for costumes and cakes alike. However, these D.I.Y. project expectations do not always match their reality. 1. DIY Halloween Skeleton Make up Never identifying as much of a painter, I ...

The secrets behind synthetics

Morgan Elmslie, Staff Writer

October 27, 2015

The chemical makeup of drugs in the possession of high school students aren't exactly what they seem. Whether it's Molly, Bath salts or Spice, many unknown substances become popularized, leading to a widespread population of teeneagers facing unseen potential dangers every time the user pops, eats and sm...

Established 2015: PTSA Appreciation Day

Emily Diez, Report Editor

October 26, 2015

For the first time in history, Palmetto hosted the annual PTSA Appreciation Day on October 22, hoping to incentivize more students to join the organization. The current PTSA membership surpasses approximately 700 members, but current teachers and parents are looking to build on the number. “The ...

ICYMI: Teachers take tailgating

Carmella Jimenez, Copy Editor

October 19, 2015

After school on Thursday, teachers emerged from empty hallways and gathered together near Wayne Moore Field to take part in the Teacher Appreciation Tailgate before the football team faced the Edison Red Raiders. Administration created this event to involve teachers more in athletic activities a...

College Fair: exciting, overwhelming and everything in between

Remy Farkas, Feature Editor

October 19, 2015

When the clock struck 7 p.m., the doors to the gym opened and the 2015 College Fair began with a flood of hundreds of students and parents rushing to get up close and personal with alumni and admissions officers of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation. Colleges and univers...

Trapped in her “Four Pink Walls”

Chrystal Peterson and Roberta Nicastro

October 12, 2015

Alessia Caracciolo(Cara), a 19 year old Canadian singer and songwriter currently signed with EP entertainment and Def Jam recordings, released her most recent debut album Four Pink Walls. Alessia's voice is fresh, flexible and full of energy and borrows from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Demi Lovato a...

AP Physics 1 becomes number one

Brian Morrison, Copy Editor

October 11, 2015

UPDATE: Ms. Joseph's passing rate now holds the title of highest in the state of Florida. Palmetto Physics teacher Anita Joseph, known for her intuitive and hands-on approach to teaching, produced the highest passing rates in Miami Dade County for her AP Physics 1 class last school year. “I bring...

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