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Halloween: Reloaded Playlist Available Now

Halloween: Reloaded Playlist Available Now

Olympia Rodriguez, print editor-in-chief

October 31, 2017

Get ready to dust off your brooms, for Halloween night has arrived. Filled with hauntingly fun and thematic tracks, Halloween: Reloaded brings you a selection of songs from motion pictures such as Return to Halloweentown, Twitches and Girl v. Monster. Indulge in tonight's ambiance with tunes good enou...

Dance Away Homecoming Stereotype

Sabrina Catalan, copy editor

October 21, 2017

In the midst of a sea of couples chatting about their homecoming plans 24/7, it can become easy for some students to get swept up into the belief that they need to go to the dance with a date, as well. However, before they skeptically stare down their ticket and think of alternative ways to spend th...

Hoco Tips For Guys

Camila Myers, life editor

October 19, 2017

Every year when homecoming season comes around, many girls go crazy stressing themselves out about all the things they need to figure out to prepare for the day of the dance. The dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, the makeup and so much more become responsibilities for girls to sort out. As g...

After Irma: How To Prepare Better Next Time

After Irma: How To Prepare Better Next Time

Olivia Solomon, staff writer

October 9, 2017

 Following the recent destruction of  this year’s hurricane season, many are left wondering what the important things to do are before, during and after a hurricane. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to Nov. 30. During these five months, it is important to stay alert and aware of potential stor...

Beauty Industry Capitalizes on Connectivity

Allison Strasius, Staff Writer

September 29, 2017

The beauty industry has evolved incredibly, and makeup in particular is now one of the most popular forms of self-expression. “When I was around three, my mom’s best friend sold makeup, and I would steal mascara and blue eyeshadow,” sophomore Daniella Rouco said. “I’d put it on, and ever since...

Graduation Day: Every Which Way to College: the Non-Traditional Routes

Kalia Richardson, News Editor

June 5, 2017

One way ticket, please. When studying abroad, a single plane ride takes someone to anywhere they desire, leaving behind the American culture they’ve come prone to over the years. A journey so vast has a substantial purpose. For senior Fiona Stoerrdequeiro, home lies in Osnabrueck, Germany (Though born...

Exploring the female buzzcut trend

Exploring the female buzzcut trend

Kalia Richardson, News Editor

June 4, 2017

Millie Brown. Binx Walton. Amber Rose. Cara Delevingne. Katy Perry. All these women have taken the daring action of mowing off their locks for a buzz. Buzzcuts as an emerging trend among women have undoubtedly left a mark on youth culture. Senior Elly Schnau underwent an experience that changed her...

Countdown to Graduation Day 6: Make your last summer count

Susan Aghedo, Copy Editor

June 2, 2017

As graduation stands a hairs width away, a care-free summer looms for many seniors. It is time to say the last true goodbyes--or see ya laters--to friends who will now be states away, as well as family. Relationships are evolving on the shaky ground of long distance planning, or preparations to do otherwise...

Countdown to Graduation Day 5: Graduation Gift Ideas

Jenna Bondy and Cami Myers

June 1, 2017

With graduation season comes the multiple graduation parties. Each year, many friends and relatives find themselves struggling to come up with gift ideas for these new alumni. Here are a few quick and easy gift ideas for every graduation party you attend. Money: As generic and not personal as it...

Countdown to Graduation Day 4: Grad Week Playlist

Countdown to Graduation Day 4: Grad Week Playlist

Camila Myers and Mia Zaldivar

May 30, 2017

With high school graduation less than six days, a time of reflection ensues. The jubilation of completing our biggest chapter academically awaits, and here's your playlist of background music as you make memories of a lifetime soon!...

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