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Should There Be An End To Remakes?

Should There Be An End To Remakes?

Priscilla Bermudez, Copy Editor

September 9, 2019

In recent years, 90s nostalgia has increased. The comeback of scrunchies, old band t-shirts and vintage outfits prove people’s longing for a return to the past. Not only does the fashion industry reflect this craving, but the film and television industry does as well. The desire for a throwback to t...

Are Parents Addicted To Their Phones?

Are Parents Addicted To Their Phones?

Sydney Campbell, Design Editor

September 5, 2019

You and your family decide to go out for dinner. While at dinner you see the usual: parents occupying their young children with tablets so that they don't get too irritating and teens scrolling through social media or texting friends. Now, parents also join their children in this habit of using phones a...

UM vs. UF 2019 Football Game Recap

UM vs. UF 2019 Football Game Recap

Jack Meyer, News Editor

August 26, 2019

For the annual University of Miami-University of Florida game, fans experienced a wide range of emotions watching the Canes and the Gators go head-to-head to start off the 2019 college football season. In a highly contested matchup, neither team took a lead larger than six points, with the outcome re...

Should Candidates’ Ages Affect Votes?

Samuel Stone, Opinion Editor

June 4, 2019

With the incoming 2020 presidential election,  the candidates are all attempting to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. The different approaches to domestic and foreign policy overpower the concerns for the ages of the candidates. The values and positions that many candidates take are o...

Should We Continue Learning After AP Exams? (FACEOFF)

Jane Heise and Lindsey Solomon

May 30, 2019

NO (J.H.) An AP course contains college-level information taught in a high school setting. These courses embellish college applications and prove one’s capability of both retaining complex information and surpassing high school academic expectations to universities. High school students use Advanc...

Earth Day, Day 2: Politicians, Time to Step It Up On Climate Change

Earth Day, Day 2: Politicians, Time to Step It Up On Climate Change

Nicole Markus, Copy Editor

April 16, 2019

Climate change discussions in the government of multiple countries around the world highlight just how much people want climate change action. Those discussions, however, are not due to the willingness of politicians to adapt to change when needed. Any and all climate change action should remain att...

Why the U.S. Needs the Background Check Expansion Act

Nicole Markus, Copy Editor

April 7, 2019

If S.42, or the Background Check Expansion Act, passes in the Senate, the loophole that allows gun show sellers to sell a gun without performing a detailed background check will close. With the passing of this act, American senators finally have the chance to prove they can act in the best interest of...

Has Palmetto Done Enough Since MSD? (FACEOFF)

Nicole Markus and Samuel Stone

March 17, 2019

Yes: (N.M) In the one year since the shooting that left 17 dead at Parkland on Feb. 14, 2018, Palmetto has taken many effective steps to ensure not only the safety of students but to ensure their peace of mind as well. Only a week after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, Palmetto allowed s...

Is The Death Penalty Justified?

Jane Heise, Copy Editor

March 1, 2019

The controversies surrounding the death penalty have plagued governments across the world. Many major global powers still enforce the death penalty; these countries include the U.S., China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. However, the U.S. stands as the only Western country that still performs capital punishment. Th...

14 Days of Love Day 11: Does Social Media Accurately Represent a Relationship?

14 Days of Love Day 11: Does Social Media Accurately Represent a Relationship?

Mia Zaldivar, Print Managing Editor

February 11, 2019

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, in the case of depicting a relationship via social media, that simply does not apply. In the Instagram world today, people constantly post photos on the internet to share with the world their lives. However, this never actually happens. One’s social...

14 Days of Love Day 6: Is it Worth Continuing a Relationship After High School? (FACEOFF)

14 Days of Love Day 6: Is it Worth Continuing a Relationship After High School? (FACEOFF)

Jayden Woodfall and Chloe Gallivan

February 6, 2019

Yes: (J.W) Entering high school is similar to starting a new book: the possibilities are endless. Whatever plans made at the start, morph into new, unexpected things that many never see coming, and it’s only natural. People completely change in course of four years and make decisions they probably...

Dear Anti-Vaxxers

Nicole Markus, Copy Editor

February 5, 2019

Measles, a disease thought to be eradicated from the U.S. in 2000, is plaguing the country once again. Upwards of 45 people have been confirmed to have measles in the U.S. since Jan. 1, according to CNN. At least 41 of these cases were not vaccinated against the disease, even though the vaccine is cons...

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