The Panther

Day 4: Siblings of seniors prepare for separation

Vincent Leone (right) with his brother Anthony (10).

Blake Rubenstein, Staff Writer

May 28, 2016

As their high school careers come to an end, the Miami Palmetto Senior High School Class of 2016 leaves behind the school they attended for the past four years and welcome the journey ahead of them. Siblings of seniors around Palmetto prepare their goodbyes for their brothers or sisters attending the school...

Prom: Expectations vs. Reality

GianLuca Aguiar, Louis Dorta, Nick Chevallier, Caroline Williams,
Alexandre Moraes, Morgan Geltzer, Lilia Pretto and Sandra Figuroa and
Abigail Hason (see left to right) stand in front of their limo before
going off to the event.

Carmella Jimenez, Copy Editor

May 6, 2016

Anything can happen at prom. While seniors spent one last night relishing in the treasures of their high school experience, did prom disappoint or live up to the hype? Senior Laetitia Gerrier counted on the latter before the event. “On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my expectations a 8-10. I expected the...

The Americanization of Saint Patrick’s Day

Keith Richards, Report Editor

March 17, 2016

The story of Saint Patrick, the man who brought Christianity to Ireland, is retold every Mar. 17 to children in elementary school and through celebrations across the nation in the form of parades and parties. Saint Patrick’s Day holds such a powerful sway over America that the consumption of Guinnes...

A Synopsis of Separation and Segregation in the Modern Day Classroom

A Synopsis of Separation and Segregation in the Modern Day Classroom

Morgan Elmslie, Staff Writer

February 11, 2016

From the lower level English classes at Palmetto to the Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the percentages of differing social classes changes drastically. As curriculum level increases, so too does classism and racism. Tenth grade English teacher Ms. Keisha McIntyre-McCullough took note of the segregation an...

Kurt Panton: Palmetto’s Teacher of the Year

Kurt Panton: Palmetto's Teacher of the Year

Isabelle Carbajales, Editor-In-Chief

February 10, 2016

Find what you love and do it. Mr. Kurt Panton, has used this motto to guide his own life and imparted it upon all of his students. While most teachers only have one course area that they teach, Mr. Panton has four: journalism 1, English IV Honors, yearbook and newspaper. Each student that walks into ro...

A Wild Ride: Being an Uber Driver

A Wild Ride: Being an Uber Driver

Emily Diez, Report Editor

February 9, 2016

The Panther: How did you find out about Uber? Hector Echeverria: “I used to see ads on Facebook and then I started to read about it. I had some extra time at home and it sounded convenient. You make money and then visit interesting places.” TP: Is that why you became a driver? HE: “Yes.” TP...

Ms. King in Focus

Chrystal Peterson, Design Team

January 19, 2016

When some people hear the word “job,” a wave of disgust hits them. Get up, get dressed and drive to someplace where getting paid so little costs you your own happiness. Then again, there are cases, like Ms. King’s, where the exact opposite takes place. Born and raised in Miami, Ms. Katherine King...

King Tide Day: Keeping eyes on the rise

Ashlynn Dobbs, Staff Writer

October 29, 2014

A pair of rain boots, the new symbol for Miami Beach’s flooded streets, held up high by Mayor Lerner, raised awareness about climate change induced flooding in Miami Beach streets. Politicians, activists and educators all congregated for the annual King Tide Day (the year’s highest astronomical...

Panther for a Day

Panther for a Day

June 26, 2013

For incoming freshmen, “Panther for a Day” evokes mixed emotions: big scary seniors, a giant school, and an ongoing list of unknowns. Panther for a Day has been a tradition at Palmetto for many years, where eighth grade students from Palmetto Middle and Southwood Middle visit the school and get a...

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