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Faces of Palmetto (VIDEO)

Annette Gonzalez, Garrett Livingston, Benjamin Spiegelman, Natalie Askowitz, Mia Zaldivar, and Allessandra Inzinna

January 7, 2019

The Panther Online takes a closer look into the people featured in our latest issue: Faces of Palmetto.

In Memory of Alan An

Allessandra Inzinna, Senior Copy Editor

December 12, 2018

On Dec. 1, 2018, senior Alan An passed away at the age of 18. An was known throughout the school as quiet in large groups, but funny with a dry sense of humor in individual conversations. “If you got him one-on-one, he was jokey,” pre-calculus teacher Cheryl Ruffin said. “He would be the first in...

Banned Juul Pods and Palmetto’s Anti-Vaping Campaign

Banned Juul Pods and Palmetto’s Anti-Vaping Campaign

Allison Strasius, Feature Editor

December 5, 2018

On Nov. 13, Juul Labs announced their decision to retract and ban the majority of flavored pods from retail stores in an effort to curb current underage use. The creation of the Juul in 2015 came as a supposedly healthier alternative to smoking, as well as a method of quitting unhealthy smoking habits. ...

Being Raised Multicultural

Being Raised Multicultural

Olivia Solomon, Business Manager

December 2, 2018

In previous decades, communities did not accept marrying and starting a family with someone of a different race, religion or culture. Relationships like this became thought of as taboo. However, these prejudices faded as society became more accepting over time, establishing America as more racially and...

Palmetto Teachers Trying Trends (VIDEO)

Jenna Bondy, Camilla Bondy, Garett Livingston, and Annette Gonzalez

December 2, 2018 ideo

An Analysis of the Midterms

Allessandra Inzinna, Senior Copy Editor

November 26, 2018

Around 113 million voters across America showed up to the polls in the 2018 midterm elections, pushing the turnout rates higher than seen in any midterm in half a century, according to the New York Times. “The turnout was a lot higher than we typically see in midterms,” AP U.S. government teacher Kennet...

Voter Suppression in This Past Election

Nicole Markus, Copy Editor

November 14, 2018

The midterm elections have been anticipated for months, and the excitement surrounding voting and volunteering is at a high. However, in states like Georgia and North Dakota, voters are finding it difficult to be able to vote. In some instances, these voters were informed that their voter registration w...

Voting for Our Voices

Joanna Salvat, Life Editor

November 6, 2018

In the past couple years, students participation in political discussions have significantly increased.  This year’s midterm elections begin on Nov. 6, where representatives for different states will be elected. Since the 2016 presidential election, the common dissatisfaction with current political decision...

Exclusive Q&A With College Admission’s Officers (FAQ’S)

Camila Myers and Benjamin Spiegelman

October 16, 2018

With application deadlines creeping closer and closer, we interviewed both the Florida International University and Florida State University admissions directors to get many common questions regarding the college application process answered.   Is a B in an AP class weighted the same ...

A Miami Makeover

Jayden Woodfall, Staff Writer

September 17, 2018

Miami is expanding. Several new multi-million dollar projects are on the horizon and only a vote away from coming to reality. Places we love and places that we might grow to love are soon to be built or rebuilt. With the help of David Beckham, a retired soccer player, Miami may soon get a major lea...

Inside the Darkroom: Photography Class Profile

Inside the Darkroom: Photography Class Profile

Sabrina Catalan, copy editor

April 30, 2018

The tapping of a pen on a desk, the flipping pages of a textbook, the ringing of a bell, the bustling in the hall. Take in a breath, and it starts all over again in a slightly different seat. At times, high school may seem like a monotonous routine. Thus, creative electives, such as photography,...

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