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How To Approach Curricular Projects

Allison Strasius, staff writer

November 26, 2017

Big assignments and projects are extremely daunting for any high school student. Phrases such as, “Research paper due next week!”, or “We’re starting a project!” instantly activate a panic attack within them. Lengthy and strenuous assignments appearing as monstrosities give students little motivation...

Think Twice Before You Juice

Allison Strasius, staff writer

November 7, 2017

Juice cleanses, pinr juice fasts, are among the numerous diets and fads of today, consisting of drinking nothing but fruit and vegetable juices from as short as a few days to multiple weeks. This can be done at home, or through the ordering of juice packages: shipments of a set of juices meant to be ...

Are Horror Movie Getting Better or Worse?

Chloe Gallivan and Came Myers

October 24, 2017

Why Horror Movies Are Getting Better (Chloe Gallivan): As technology has improved dramatically with cameras and visual effects over the last few decades, the remakes of classic horror films are becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. The horizon for horror movies has expanded throughout the yea...

After Irma: Unprepared

After Irma: Unprepared

Allison Strasius, staff writer

October 12, 2017

Despite a week’s notice prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irma and a grand total of $3 billion spent over 11 years by Florida Power & Light to “strengthen” power lines, the homes of over 10,000 people fell into darkness once the Category 1 storm made landfall. The $3 billion spent by FPL supposedly contr...

After Irma: Is Price Gouging Justified?

After Irma: Is Price Gouging Justified?

Alle Inzinna, feature editor

October 10, 2017

About a week before the Irma models displayed the monster storm shifting west, many people looked to evacuate to the northern parts of Florida or out of the state entirely. Traffic blocked virtually every inch of highway from Miami to Georgia as one of the biggest evacuations in U.S. history took place. Yet...

Does Palmetto Push Too Many AP Classes?

Olivia Soloman, staff writer

September 28, 2017

Before entering high school, students are told about Advanced Placement classes and their importance. But, they are not the best option for everyone. Beginning in 1955, the College Board created AP classes which were intended for high schoolers to experience college level courses and challenge thems...

How Pets Impact Mental Health

How Pets Impact Mental Health

Alex Pedroso, Life Editor

September 27, 2017

Studies show that pets have a positive impact on the mental health of their owners. Pets act as emotional companions, providing people comfort and joy. With just a single stroke, stress levels diminish. Interactions with animals can increase levels of oxytocin, the hormone related to stress and a...

Is this generation overly sensitive?

Camila Myers and Mia Zaldivar

June 6, 2017

This face-off was originally slated to be posted in our recently published issue of our publication but due to a printing error, the wrong article was published instead. Here is Issue 8's face-off, with Insight Editor, Camila Myers, arguing that our generation is too sensitive to criticism and Design Edi...

Countdown to Graduation Day 7: Doomsday has arrived – time to switch teams!

Marlowe Starling, Editor-in-Chief of The Panther

June 4, 2017

For those of us sports fans, the most dreaded day of our lives is not the day we start paying taxes, not the day we sit in purgatory and not even the first time we get fired -- it is the day we must come to terms with our adult decisions and realize that college will force us to switch team loyalties....

Does Being an Athlete Help You Get Into Top Colleges?

Does Being an Athlete Help You Get Into Top Colleges?

Benjamin Spiegelman, Sports Editor

May 31, 2017

The application process, which can seem daunting, may be a little less frightening for star high school athletes. If a university wants to have successful athletics, they need to look at a broader population that may not be excellent academically but exceeds from a physical standpoint. This is a common...

Countdown to Graduation Day 1: One More Wait

Countdown to Graduation Day 1: One More Wait

Morgan Elmslie, Senior Copy Editor

May 27, 2017

If someone more mathematically inclined than I multiplied and added all of the hours we’ve dedicated to school since, well, the womb, and subtracted all those convenient flu days (AKA early spring break vacations), they’d come up with many, many hours. But (finally) it’s here; all those hours ha...

Debunking the Myths about Community Colleges

Annette Gonzalez, Staff Writer

May 24, 2017

Community colleges such as Miami Dade are commonly looked down upon by many people for their generous acceptance rates and relatively affordable nature. Despite the many benefits and seemingly convenient characteristics of these schools, they go on surrounded by stigmatization and remain associated with...

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