Alumni Association 5: Sydnee Winters

Olivia Solomon , Advertising Chair

Triple threat and Palmetto alumnus, Syndee Winters, has dominated the Broadway stage since 2010. She made her debut as Nala in “The Lion King,” but before Winters took her first steps onto Broadway, she shined in the spotlight of Palmetto’s auditorium. 

 “I’m originally from New York where my district in Long Island didn’t have things like dance in high schools. So [Palmetto] really offered a chance for me to dance and perform and really hone in on my skills for free,” Winters said. “I didn’t go to a studio, I didn’t have to go to a studio.”

After she graduated in 2004, Winters brought her talents to the basketball courts as an NBA dancer for the New York Knicks. While she might make it look easy, the road to success on Broadway is not one of ease. However she has demonstrated hard work and leadership with grace. 

“I was apart of the American Heritage Club, Variations dancers and the Omega Singers. Being apart of all those clubs and programs at school gave me an opportunity to practice my skills and become the person I am,” Winters said. 

The long hours of practice and rehearsal finally paid off in 2010 when Winters was cast as her dream role, Nala in “The Lion King” on Broadway. Winters then went on to star in other Broadway productions such as “Motown the Musical”, “Pippin” the revival and “Hamilton.” 

“I’m Currently working on a project dedicated to jazz legend and American icon Lena Hora,” Winters said. 

Despite her success on the big Broadway stage, Winters still holds Palmetto dear and stays in touch with her fellow former Panthers. 

“My experience at Palmetto has helped me and will continue to help me use my skills of collaboration and working with others,” Winters said. “I definitely use the skills I learned at Palmetto during those times when I’m working and creating with others, always reaching out to the person next to me.”